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WHY I HOARD RESOURCE | Hackers join the cyberwar Episode 43

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In this episode of Hackers, I explain where all my resources come from.

I get asked this question a lot. It turns out, being an Elite actually makes me into a manual farm. I’ll explain this in the video.

So we’ll get to look at how my average attack looks against someone like FoxGer, how my attack looks against a minmaxer like Sihyeon, and what a “failed” attack looks like against anhellistg0d.

I am level 49.

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Hackers is a multiplayer mobile game, where you build your own 3D network and hack networks of other players online. It is a strategy game designed to be played over a long period of time, in short bursts.

Hackers is made by Trickster Arts. Check the game out at

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OPEN -> Contest of Champions Generator