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SpiderMan Homecoming Character Unlocked MARVEL Contest of Champions Gameplay Part 2

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What’s New in Version 14.0.0
Newly released into the Battlerealm, a Stark-enhanced Peter Parker is swept up in the nefarious machinations of the Black ISO Mafia. As the villains begin to amass a mysterious power source with the help of the Vulture, this new Spider-Man sets off to foil their plans, against the urging of his mentor, Iron Man. With the help of the Summoner, Parker fights to prove his worth to the Avengers and make the Battlerealm safer for everyone.

Stark Assignments
Tony Stark is taking a breather from saving the world to help mentor the next generation of Super Heroes. He’s got his sights set on Peter Parker and has given him the gift of a Stark-Tech modified suit. Tony’s got some rapid-fire scenarios set up to test Peter’s Spidey-Sense and the new features of his suit, but he needs YOUR help to test them out first! Participate in Stark quick, challenging Quests that appear at irregular intervals throughout the day. Complete as many as you can throughout the month, and collect valuable rewards, including rare Spider-Verse characters!

Versus Mode Improvements
Multiverse Arena players will benefit from a newly streamlined flow that reduces loading times and keeps players in the fight!

Bug Fixes
• Fixed an issue causing Nightcrawler, Crossbones, and The Hood’s Block Timers to reset when receiving a hit
• Fixed an issue causing Nebula to not reduce the Ability Accuracy of Robots
• Fixed an issue where Autofight would not turn off
• Fixed an issue where the enemy could perform special attacks while in the middle of an evade animation
• Fixed character specific animation issues causing difficulties chaining from a combo into a special attack for a number of Champions
• Fixed an issue causing Archangel’s immunity to Ability Accuracy Reduction to not function
• Fixed an issue causing Hyperion to not enter Cosmic Overcharge
• Fixed an issue with The Punisher where health gains could extend Endure Pain duration
• Fixed an issue causing Nebula to miss the second strike of her Special 2
• Fixed an issue causing Phoenix to consume the incorrect amount of Fury Buffs during her Special Attacks
• Fixed an animation issue where Black Panther’s attack distance did not match his model
• Fixed text issues in the descriptions of Ultron, Star-Lord, and Guillotine
• Fixed an issue that allowed Punisher to stack multiple Open Wounds debuffs
• Fixed incorrect icons for Rhino’s abilities in his description

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OPEN -> Contest of Champions Generator