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Saturday Night Shenanigans In The Contest | Marvel Contest of Champions MCOC #LIVE

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Welcome to the channel. Talk games, movies & comics. Please no spoiler talk. If a movie has been out in stores for a week you can feel free to talk about it.

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No donations are ever expected. If you would like to donate, however, all donations will go to upgrading the equipment and quality of the channel. Thanks to everyone for all their support!

This stream will not be super long, however I wanted to test out some gameplay on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, and get some input about the new layout.

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1) Keep all topics on topic of the game I am playing, if you want to be ignored, or timed out, don’t follow this rule
2) Don’t ask me to play Injustice, if you want me to play a game that you don’t like, pull our your mom’s credit card and donate, otherwise prepare to get ignored, or timed out/banned
3) No trolls, you will be hidden from the channel.
4) Respect your mods/Sponsors, they are the ones that care about the channel.
5) Donations appreciated to do this more often.
6) Do not ask for Toy Figurine Codes, I do not have any, repeat offenders will be treated as spammers and hidden, it’s okay to ask once, just know, the answer is NO.

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