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Mcoc Crystal Opening | Conqueror Rewards | Marvel Contest of Champions

OPEN -> Contest of Champions Generator

Here are the rewards i had saved up from competing act 4. And gaining the conqueror title.
A part of me hates the genuine displeasure of #Kabams RNG to free to play players.
I am hoarding from this video onwards for the foreseeable future.
Possibly until i gain 20k + 5* shards…

View My last Double 4* opening

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First time ever a real working Zombie Anarchy hack ! As you can see in this video it takes you only two minutes to get 20000 Bloodstones, max salvage and food ! I showed how this tool works on my iPhone, but it perfectly works with Android and Windows as well!
Also if you want to read more about the game it self, here is a review :
Have you got what it takes to endure hell?

Start a desperate battle to survive an apocalyptic universe filled with chance and risk. Collect survivors that are proficient for your side and unite against persistent attackers dead and living. The dead rise and when mankind drops, you must do whatever it takes to live in this apocalyptic fight-strategy game.

Attributes in ZOMBIE ANARCHY™:

Each survivor has backstory to find and an unique skill.

Keep gasoline safe and your food with more and Watchtowers, Flamethrowers, Tesla towers!

Form scavenging teams that are devastating and raid competing players from all over the world to steal their valuable substances, amass successes and scale your way up the leaderboard.

Exterminate zombie-infested camps in shoot and tactical missions the deceased in the Zombie Hunt mini game to unlock rare items and unique weapons.

As you command your survivors’ moves master a fresh level of strategy and make tactical use of the skills to keep them living.

Scavenge uncommon things and resources to update survivors and your buildings.

Nevertheless, some game things may also be bought for actual cash. Should youn’t need to use this feature, please disable in-program purchases in your device’s settings.

OPEN -> Contest of Champions Generator