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MARVEL Contest of Champions The Worth in Replaying

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Hello and welcome to GamerU tips and tricks for Contest of Champions for the iPad.

There are some games where replaying levels means the same thing over and over again. Luckily, this game isn’t one of those. Replaying levels in this game can be extremely rewarding. There are two main places where you are going to find levels where you can explore. The first is the Story mode and the second is the different online events.

After playing a level or two on either mode, it will be easy to see the replay value in each level. Most levels in the game have a number of different routes that you have to choose from as you play through a level. Usually, the routes are split into the easier and harder sides of the level. The harder side usually offers better treasures to pick up at the cost of fighting against stronger enemies while the easier side offers simpler opponent with less rewards.

More than these, there are occasionally restricted paths in each level. In order to access these parts of the map, you are required to have a certain character class in your party. Taking these routes usually offers you some advantage that the other routes don’t offer such as really good treasure or less opponents. The maps to each level of this game are pretty big. More than that, explore every nook and cranny of each level can have its advantages. Exploring levels, acts and chapters of the story and the events can unlock useful bonuses.

Thus, it is crucial to explore. By looking over all the possible options, you are able to see the whole level and unlock more for yourself. It may take a little bit of work at first to keep replaying levels for a simple path, but it is worth it for the rewards and that successful feeling of exploration.

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