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Marvel Contest of Champions New Players Tips and Tricks

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As many of you are aware, I am back playing Marvel Contest of Champions, however I have also pulled several friends into the game from WWE Mayhem, so this video goes out specifically to you guys, however if others from the community enjoyed my video, thank you! If you have criticism I’d like to hear it too.

Do note, always progressing the Story is the most important thing in the game to do, however, you SHOULD farm Catalysts and attempt to farm Units in any way possible, unless you are a “Blubbery Whale” then Arena is probably not a good investment in time.

For 2 Star Champions, you need Tier 1 Basic, and Class Catalysts
For 3 Star Champions, you need Tier 2 Basic for Ranks 2 and 3, and Tier 3 Basic for Rank 4. You also need Tier 1 Class Catalysts for Rank 2, and Tier 2 Class Catalysts for Ranks 3 and 4.
For 4 Star Champions, you need Tier 3 Basic Catalysts for Ranks 2 and 3, and Tier 4 Basic Catalysts for Rank 4 and 5. For Rank 2 you need Tier 2 Class Catalyst, for Ranks 3 and 4, you need Tier 3 Class Catalysts, for Rank 5, you need Tier 4 Class Catalysts and the most difficult rank to acquire, but the most useful. Starting at Rank 3, you also need Tier 1 Alpha Catalysts
For 5 Stars, you need Tier 4 Basic for Ranks 1-4, and Tier 5 Basic for Rank 5. For Rank 2, you need Tier 3 Class Catalysts, for Ranks 3-5, you need Tier 4 Class Catalysts. Starting at Rank 4, you need Tier 2 Alpha Catalysts, but you need Tier 1 Alpha for every rank.

A lot of these Catalysts are acquired by simply playing the game, pay attention to the Glory Store for extra Catalysts, and the Black Iso Market, a subscription based service, with some perks, can also give you some nice tools for early game players as well as free Units and Gold every week just for playing the game.

You also should be focusing on Alliance content as early as possible. Map 2 Quest does not tie up your characters, but higher maps also give you a lot more Tier 4 and 5 materials.

And, one other thing to note, certain champions, that suck in general use, can be really annoying on Alliance War Defense, so I recommend Seatin’s Tierlist, but like always, use your own judgement on a character if they suck by playing them, and do remember, Synergies can make a character even better.

The faster you can push to Uncollected, the better rewards you will get.
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