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Cats’ Sleeping Positions can reveal a lot about their personality, health and how they are feeling.
This guide breaks down the most common cat sleeping positions and explains the science behind why cats sleep in certain ways.

#1. Curled-up
In the curled-up position, the cat curls its tail around its body and tucks its head towards the chest. This resting position means that your cat might be trying to conserve body heat and provide protection to the fundamental parts of its body. It’s the most common sleeping position for animals in the wild, too, as it helps conserve warmth and protects the vital organs.

#2. A Cat in a Box

A cat in a box position means that your cat is worried about its security and is seeking comfort and protection. When cats sleep in smaller, congested areas, this shows their concern about safety. The solid walls of a box make them feel secure by providing them with a tight and secure space. Other than boxes, cats may also seek out drawers, bowls, and other objects that they can fit tightly into. Maybe your cat is scared of other pets or children in the household. You can help her out by creating an enclosed box with sufficient fluffiness inside to help her sleep comfortably.

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