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Legendary Ultimate Infinity War Genesis Nightmare 5Star Crystal Opening 70K 5* Shards | MCoC

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In this video, we open all of the special crystals we acquired during the Infinity War events (including Dark Artifact Crystals), as well as 70,000 5-Star Shards worth of 5* Hero Crystals. 23 crystals are opened in this video.

00:11 – 2-Star Avengers Crystal
00:54 – Legendary Crystal
01:41 – 4-Star Awakening Gem Crystal
02:16 – 5-Star Awakening Gem Crystal (from Infinity Store)
02:52 – 5 Ultimate Infinity War Crystals (from Trials of the Mad Titan)
05:30 – Infinity War Crystal
06:25 – Ultimate Crystal
07:09 – Void or Sentry Login Crystal
07:37 – Hulk (Ragnarok) Login Crystal
08:05 – 5-Star War Crystal (from Dark Artifacts)
08:50 – 5-Star Genesis Crystal (from Dark Artifacts)
09:43 – 5-Star Nightmare Crystal (from Dark Artifacts)
10:33 – 7 5-Star Hero Crystals (from 70K 5* Shards)
14:50 – New & Duped Champs

Crystal Openings

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Today we open over ONE HUNDRED Premium Hero Crystals in search for a 4 Star Stark Enhanced Spider-Man! Let’s gooooo!!

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