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Legend Mastery Setup and Costs | Marvel Contest of Champions

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Here’s one of my most requested videos–my Legend Mastery setup. This is the Suicide Mastery setup that I used for both of my first place Legend runs (

I had some fun with this video and animated the total costs for unlocking and ranking up each Mastery in this setup. The number of required Stony and Carbonadium Mastery Cores are shown as a Mastery is unlocked, as well as the equivalent cost in terms of units. The units and gold required for ranking up a Mastery are shown as well. When resetting, Masteries already unlocked don’t have to be unlocked again. Only the rank up costs have to be spent again for redoing Masteries.

These Masteries are pretty expensive, and I had already unlocked most of them before my Legend runs except for the Suicides (Glass Cannon, Recoil, Liquid Courage, and Double Edge).

My setup was inspired by the Mastery videos on RoninNupe’s

Unlock and rank up costs crosschecked

0:00 Link by Jim Yosef ( [NCS Release]
3:44 Spotlight by Anikdote ( [Ninety9Lives Release]

[Jim Yosef]


Music by Ninety9Lives
Anikdote – Spotlight

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