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Goldpool Unboxing & Battle vs. Masacre Uncollected w/ Tips feat. Goldpool | MCoC

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In this video, we show our new max arena streak, score, rank, and rewards received for the special Gold Member arena. We collect 5-star Goldpool and showcase his special attacks and abilities vs. the Masacre boss from this month’s event quest in Uncollected Difficulty. The Trophy with a Mouth may also have some things to say in this video!

Tips on how to use Goldpool and how to fight Masacre are included in the boss battle.

Goldpool Stats
5* 1/1 (Unduped)

Masacre Stats
6* 1/22 Enthusiastic Punishment Lvl 200
Debilitate (100% Longer Debuffs)
Skill Wrath (+125% Attack)
Limber (-20%/Stun)
20% Outlast
40% Enhanced Incinerate
SP3 Activated
+50% Iso-Infused
+100% Power Gain
+100% Champion Boost

Event Masacre & the Mercs for Money
Chapter 1: I’m Serious, Who is This Guy?
Map 2: Mala Suerte

Champion Unboxing

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OPEN -> Contest of Champions Generator