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Getting a 4star champion from premium crystal.

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How to get a 4* hero from premium crystal. See it now . Whom I got.
The trick is just very easy all you got to do is that while opening premium hero crystals just wait for the 2* champions 2nd row to get over and soon as you will do that your probability of getting a 4* or 3* champion is almost 99%. Have a try on that and tell me whether it worked for you as i have 4 more tricks other than this.

In this video we open an assortment of crystals consisting of Uncollected Daily crystals, 4 and 5 Star Signature Ability Crystals, Premium Hero Crystals, Maxed Signature Ability Crystals and of course The Grandmaster Crystal. We try a slightly different method that has been brought to my attention to increase the odds of a good crystal pull this time.

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