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Dr Doom Rank Up Game Play Marvel Contest of Champions

OPEN -> Contest of Champions Generator

Dr Doom – Rank Up – Game Play – Marvel Contest of Champions. Upgraded 6 star DR DOOM to R3, he is my first rank 3 6 start. Fun to play with, my brand new toy. Enjoy!


1. Must be a subscriber and like this video

2. Your subscriptions must be public to qualify for this giveaway, in order to check and make sure that the giveaway rules are followed, thank you!

3. Comment down below and leave YOUR EMAIL so that I will be able to contact you if you are the winner!!! “Your EMAIL will only be used to contact you, if you are the winner”

4. The winner will be selected from these video comments, when the channel hits 350 SUBSCRIBERS!

5. I will use PayPal to pay the
1. United States winners can ask for gift cards or any other PayPal payment method
2. Outside the United States winners can get a PayPal payment if they have a PayPal
account or PayPal bank transfer or PayPal wire for pick up to most countries.
3. Those are the only options of payment to winners I have for right now, I will update
information if I find another easier way.

The subscriber name will be picked at random by the comment made on this video, so it could be anyone, good luck! The comment Generator will only pick 1 comment per subscriber. The winner will be contacted as soon as the channel hits the mark via YOUR EMAIL. I will make a video showing who won the 350 subscribers GIFT CARD, thank you.

I am 100% responsible for the giveaway; this giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or associated with You Tube or PayPal.


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OPEN -> Contest of Champions Generator