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Complete hacked Marvel contest of champions for all version.

OPEN -> Contest of Champions Generator

Believe it can be hacked and please dont cry if u will be banned just make the base damage value 2000 in quest and 400 in arena’s fight i used this and for mod apk click here
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Marvel Contest of Champions Get Free Units 2017

Works on APP 12.1.1

No longer have to spend hours of boring grinding just to upgrade their champion. With unlimited resources you will be able to go right to the action and skip all the grinding that is required so that you can obtain powerful champions. Simply why would you want to struggle in the game when you could be having so much more fun with the Marvel Contest of Champions Hack? Below is a short list of the crucial features that makes the hack as awesome as it is.

Unlimited Units and Gold
With the Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats you will be able to generate as many units and as much gold as you want. This allows for some awesome gameplay that we are sure you will LOVE. The game is so fun when you can just fight all the time and completely eradicate anyone that tries to cross your path.

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OPEN -> Contest of Champions Generator