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A ‘Strange’ 12 FOUR STAR Crystal Opening | Marvel Contest of Champions

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I hit 4000 subscribers! Time to celebrate the only way I know how, with a massive 4 star crystal opening!

I open these in the same way that I opened my first 4 star crystal video with champion portraits everywhere of the ones I want, and the ones I don’t want. This is only the 2nd time I’ve ever opening up four star crystals. All crystals were earned without ever spending money in this game.

First 4 star

Hi, I’m Brian Grant of
The site is in very early stages of development, but soon it’s going to be awesome! Come check it out!

#ContestofChampions #Marvel #MarvelContestofChampions

6 Star Luck !!!

40000 6 Star & 11x Odin Cavalier Crystal Opening! – Marvel Contest of Champions

Music by Scott Buckley –

Thanks for watching!

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