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4699 Crystals Unleashed Part 2: The Heroes | Marvel Contest of Champions

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In this episode of my 4k crystal opening series I find over 6 hundred champions, including hundreds of 2- and 3-star heroes, more than 40 4-stars, and my first batch of 5-stars! All of my champion-filled crystals are opened in this video! How many new champions will I add to my roster? Will I dupe enough 4-stars to form another 5-star hero crystal? How many points will I add to the Summoner Advancement Alliance event? How high will my hero rating go? A special thanks to my Alliance MdS-1 and to all of my subscribers for patiently awaiting this opening!

It’s been over a year since I found my first 4-star champ ( Since then, I’ve completed the Realm of Legends, Act 4, and grown my roster to 150 champions. Now, with AQ Season 3 in full swing, Ming-Na’s Cavalry Challenge in progress, and the Labyrinth of Legends announced, it’s time to finally unleash the heroes!

Here are the 4-star champs that I hoped to find. Did I get them?

4-stars to find
Black Widow
Captain America (WWII)

4-stars to awaken
Dr. Strange
Scarlet Witch
Daredevil (Classic)
Captain America
Black Widow (if found)
Captain America (WWII) (if found)

4-stars to dupe even more

As for 5-stars, I hoped to find and dupe Star-Lord. Other than that, I was fine with getting just about anyone including Magik and Ant-Man!

These crystals were saved from a few months to almost a year. No money or hacks were involved in obtaining them–just lots of time!

I open the crystals in order of increasing star-rating. Check out the timeline below to skip to any particular crystal.

0:00 Stats and Roster (Before)
1:37 Cosmic Combat Score (Before)
2:10 Summoner Advancement Score (Before)
3:14 159 2-Star Hero Crystals
9:50 1 X-Gene Crystal
10:18 1 Civil War Crystal
11:11 1 Teleportation Crystal
11:56 24 3-Star Hero Crystals
14:48 1 Organic Crystal
15:22 1 Team Blue Crystal
15:55 1 Strife Crystal
16:33 78 Premium Hero Crystals
24:15 5 Premium Hero Crystals
25:09 244 Premium Hero Shard Crystals
38:46 90 3-Star Hero Shard Crystals
43:31 5 3-Star Hero Shard Crystals
44:15 4 4-Star Hero Crystals
46:09 42 4-Star Hero Shard Crystals
53:54 5 Max Signature Ability Crystals
54:35 1 4-Star Hero Shard Crystal
55:12 6 5-Star Hero Crystals
58:42 Summoner Advancement Score (After)
58:50 Cosmic Combat Score (After)
59:17 Roster and Stats (After)
Video Rating: / 5

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