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100 Premium Hero Crystal Opening Round 04 Marvel Contest of Champions

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#premiumcrystalopening #MarvelContestOfChampions #MCOC

Today we are going to open 100 Premium Hero Crystals in Marvel Contest of Champions! Plus some 3 and 4 Star Crystals. Can we awaken my 4 Star Wasp, Hyperion or Ghost?! Can I get a 4 Star Corvus Glaive? Let’s find out 🙂

Please stop by and watch some of my favorite MCOC YouTubers

-RichTheMan- ▶

Seatin Man of Legends ▶

Dave at Dork Lessons ▶

Katy Candy ▶

Prof Hoff ▶

ContestChampion ▶

ilackskills ▶

Crystal Opening Whale ▶


OPEN -> Contest of Champions Generator